Sunday, February 27, 2011

asheville turnaround!

hey yall! just wanted to let everyone know that i will be "out of the office" until thursday.  i am headed home to asheville for a few days. please call or send an email if you need anything before the weekend.

wishing you the best!

thanks ~trista

Friday, February 25, 2011

save the date!

hey yall! so i often i hear yall talking about coming down here to the crystal coast. i know you are looking for an excuse to visit beaufort (or one of our beautiful beaches) this summer! plan your vacation and save the date for july 2nd! me and four of my artist friends will be having a show at the beaufort art center. last summer, we had a similar show and it was a blast! so if you missed it, here is your chance.  more details to follow, but go ahead and mark it on your calender!
artists will include:
trista hudzik reynolds (me, duh)
craig gurganus
abigail poray
lisa tuchek
* painter*
brett harrison

and, if you would like to help out we have plenty for you to do! contact me at
or send me a message via the pottery facebook page.

wishing you well and thanks for reading!

lovin' this

hello insomnia my old friend... BUT cool things happen when i dont sleep! found this blog via etsy .... lovin it! felt like i needed to share.
lots of fun and colorful to stuff to inspire, with some witty musings to entertain...

love, peace and light.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

unofficially official

i received my unofficial official acceptance into the mattie king davis art gallery at the beaufort historic site!

and since many of you are fans of thr pottery on facebook, you can also become a fan of the mkd gallery on facebook.!/pages/Mattie-King-Davis-Art-Gallery/342344190821

beaufort historic site and association is pretty much responsible for the historical preservation of nc's 3rd oldest town, beaufort. (have i mentioned, i heart beaufort!!!)  it is an honor to be a part of the culture, heritage and history BHA has so carefully preserved.........AND mattie king davis art gallery is the oldest art gallery in carteret county!     pretty cool, eh?     big thanks, to the beaufort historic site and the mattie king davis art gallery!

~as always, thanks supporting local art, and thanks for reading~
and of course, wishing you well, trista

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

february 2nd.

as i continue my personal education and exploration into cone 6 glazes i feel like i am stuck in groundhog day. and just like bill murray, i learn things the hard way, adjust, and follow with a TINY step forward.  then, at the end of a long day, i close my eyes to rest for a new day. i wake to my alarm only to find out "OMG its february 2nd........AGAIN!"

ok, so its not quite that bad....but it definately feesl like it sometimes.

these are the days i miss my mountain potter community the most.  i unloaded the kiln yesterday. of course i didnt remember to put my witness cones in...(i was in a hurry, it was sunday, the sun was shining and it was warm. i wanted to play outside. now, you know i didnt end up leaving the studio until after sunset....but....i digress). the last firing was slightly overfired on the top shelf. i thought i had maybe poorly loaded it. nope. something needs some tweaking! i am taking the day to research, pouring over books and clicking from website to website website. I CAN DO THIS DARNIT! :) but boy do i miss my potter community. instant easy answers, where are you???

for now, this expirience will mae me a better potter, and a better person. i just know it! and i will reward myself: starting some seeds in the garden today, fixing yellow tofu curry for supper tonight...all is not lost. two thirds of the "cycle" complete :).

wishing you all the best and as always thanks for reading!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

seriously intrigued

the art of margaret kilgallen
i recently watched an art documentary called "Beautiful Losers". the movie was about a group of what i might call modern-day-urban-folk-artists. this group of "street artists" (yep, graffiti) formed what came to be known as the mission artists in san francisco.  i wont  recap the entire movie, (but if you are into that kind of thing, i highly recommend watching it for yourself). i was so inspired by several of the artists featured in the movie. the one that spoke to me the most though was margaret kilgallen. it was like i met my art soul sister or something. inspired by southwestern and mexican artists, folk art, and the handpainted taquerria signs in california, her work is romatic graphic art, often in super large format. known as a graffiti artist under the tag names "Meta" and "Matokie Slaughter."the latter name, a homage to folk musician Matokie Slaughter, was specifically used for freight train graffiti, a hobo tradition that strongly influenced her work. kilgallen was an accomplished banjo player and became an avid surfer after moving to California. i am amazed and inpired by her work, and her life.  margaret tragically left this earth too early in 2001, but her legacy will live on in the women whose life she ectched with her beautiful and simple illustrations.

Friday, February 11, 2011

best quote ever...

a potter friend of mine put this on her facebook page today:

"i have decided that making handles is like therapy. you have to work through the anger, the pain, the shame, the humiliation till you get to a place where you have something or someone you would enjoy having your morning coffee with."

-wendy wrenn of wrenn pottery 

best quote ever!!!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

its everything...

why is art and pottery everything i see? everything i do?

my favorite of the seas shells are the broken  remnants of conch shells. i love it when the big curved planes of the shell fall away, leaving only the graceful spiral curve that makes the skeleton. the spiral is the heart of a wheel thrown pot. i see spirals  everywhere. they are something i've always taken note of and admired: the conch, to the muscles wrapping the human form, the eddies of a river, the swirls in the clouds, or a horses coat... this leads me to my next question. was i always meant to be a potter? or did i become a potter because i loved the spiral? it is  innate? or coincidence?

or i am ridiculous for bothering to wonder about these things?

maybe. probably...

but as a potter, and a person, i find myself constantly reviewing the interconectedness of the world. its hard not, garden, clay, dirt, food, life. love.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


okay so i'm not really a slacker. but i have been slacking on the blog, that is for sure.  time for an update i guess. here goes...
the pottery is doing well. i am excited about my new glazes and working hard to put out new pots. in the works? platters, big bowls, teapots, big pitchers, mugs, pendents....all my favorite things to make. well except maybe the mugs. i really don't like naking mugs  (not sure why). BUT i really like to USE handmade mugs. therefore, i suck it up, and try to make a lot of them....
other fun stuff?
as a potter its hard not to always be thinking about food. the last time nick and i spent quality time in asheville we started to eat a lot of vegan food. to those that know my hubby, one would say "nick??? vegan!!!!!???? what????" . well, what we realized is that we found that cutting really far back on our meat consumption has made us feel really really really good. we still eat meat from time to time (i cannot understand life without bacon and chorizo!) but have adopted a new barely-meat-eating diet. combined with our old organic-less-processed-food diet. now i find myself busy busy busy in the kitchen all the time. so much freshness. its truly  amazing. its been super fun!!! i dont miss our heavily meated meals...but now i havent quite as much free time. the conclusion?? its is definately worth it!
as a potter (and a foodie!!) its hard not to think about gardening all the time. here in the coastal region of nc, its that time!!!! yay. back in the hills we'd still be scraping ice off our windshield every morning. here, as of february first, i can start my collards and greens and turnips all those yummy wonderful cold weather veggies! some i have wintered over and those are starting to blush with happy green-ness. but others i am starting this week in little portable seed beds. yay. which we brings me to my next point...
wanted: pet friendly gardeners yard :)... we are currently renting a home here in bft. unfortunately, our rental home has been sold to new owners. we are looking for a new home in bft. we hope we have found one. we are keeping our fingers crossed.
yep, we are busy bees!
otherwise, life is good, dogs are good and spring is starting to tempt us with occasional warmish sunny days. i am so ready. oh lovely equinox hurry hurry...

see you soon!

thanks for reading and wishing you well!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

days off...

one might ask "what does a potter do on their day off"?

i live on the coast. i take part of monday and all of tuesdays off . you can probably guess what i do on my days off from april to october: read books on the beach, swim, paddle, ride on the boat, fish....not too bad eh?
but its colder now. bathing suits are NOT fun right now no matter how you look at it. its easy to forget about the wide open expanse of water that first drew us to this amazing place. a reminder that the ocean, while not as "useable" right now is still as beautiful...

yesterday, we went for a stroll down the beach. watching the dolphins roll down the surf never loses that childhood thrill. as i searched the shore for unusual shells, a funny collection of shells got my mind thinking about life and fate and meaning. it made me want to write a blog about it. but i'll do that tomorrow. for now, i'll just give you pictures.

cheers, trista

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