“I paint flowers so they will not die.”

― Frida Kahlo


A nature lover thru and thru, it seems obvious to point out that my pots are inspired by nature!  I love gardening and cooking and spending time in the woods. Nothing feels as nostalgic and sweet as a bouquet of handpicked flowers.  I try to capture this simple joy in the spontaneity of my work. On a artistic level, I am inspired by american folk potters, korean folk potters, mexican and south american folk potters, as well as,  spanish and portuguese folk potters.  Some of my favorite contemporary potters include Michael Kline, Kyle Carpenter, Victoria Christen, Molly Hatch, Ruggles and Rankin, Bandana Pottery, Chandra DeBuse, Sue Tirrell and Julia Galloway. I also spend a lot of time looking at and receive great inspiration from vintage and antique china and vintage scientific botanical prints.


I start with a dark, cone six claybody. Both wheel thrown and handbuilt, each piece is made individually by hand. To create my palette, while the cly is still leather hard I paint layers of a white cone six engobe. I love how this creates texture and depth. Once the engobe has dried to the same moisture of the clay, I can then paint the surface of the pot with the leaves, vines and flowers, using underglazes, that give my pottery it's colorful appeal.  Once the underglazes have dried to the same level of moisture as the clay and engobes, I come back in with either an exacto knife or a scraffito tool to create yet another layer of depth, or life, as I like to think of it. All of this has to happen in a very short amount of time. If at any point any layer of the "canvas" becomes too dry, the pot will be ruined! It is very important that I let all three layers dry slowly. This takes days or even weeks. Once the pot has dried, I bisque fire it to 1940 degrees. At the point I glaze the pot in either a clear glaze (for the colorful pots) or a celedon (for the blue and green pots).  They are fired in my studio to cone six in an electric kiln.  They are all dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. My intention and hope is that you will choose to use them every day.


I believe that the life you live speaks through your art or craft.  If I had to describe my daily life, I would say that I spend most of my hours looking for inspiration. This inspiration is not just in an artistic sense, but also an emotional, physical and philosophical sense.  I try to find magic in everyday life - as much magic as I can possibly find!!!
Much of this magic comes from spending time outside. Sunset, as much as sunrise, as much as mid- night stars, as much as midday clouds, I love it all. The wind, stillness, winter, spring, summer, fall...the whole world coming together to create this perfect second.  Of course life is crazy and hectic and stressful and sad! Magic keeps all of that manageable.
I do not have much as far as material possessions, compared to some, but everything I have, to me,  is special and beautiful.  My house is covered in little tiny altars, often containing found objects from nature,  other artist's handmade gifts, photos and momentos, postcards, souvenirs from the travels of my loved ones, and vintage treasures from my hours of scouring thrift stores and antique malls, I rarely buy new things and love the idea of bringing new life and love to someone else's former things.
I love exploring, treasure hunting, hiking, cooking, gardening, growing herbs, food and flowers, canning, preserving, homesteading, photography, drawing and painting. Obviously, this comes out in my work. I love long drives in the country as much as I love getting lost in the busy nightlife of city streets. I believe this comes out in my work. I also love running, paddling rivers and oceans, and my dogs. Yes, this too comes out in my work! I am obsessed with yoga, and practice daily, it keeps me grounded and clear and inspired, I believe some of this also comes out in my work.

Thank you for supporting me and for supporting local art! ~Trista

Finding me:

asheville river arts district
95 roberts street
asheville, north carolina

email: tristahudzikpottery@yahoo.com