Tuesday, November 15, 2011

studio stroll

this weekend was the river arts district studio stroll...
it was fun to be a fly on the wall, while still being involved. we drove up saturday morning to see hundreds of people milling around the areas. HUNDREDS.... i was overwhelmed. luckily, my pots were in BFT so i stayed in the studio and worked on the pots i have made since i've been here.
here a few pics of my building. i wish i had taken more of the studio stroll as a whole, but....i didn't.
a couple of my super cool studio mates selling their pots

beautiful mountain morning

97 roberts street (not to be confused with the roberts street studios)

97 c thats where we b

all in a day
check out this article in the 
lots of really awesome pictures!

i've been doing a lot of hand building this week because my wheel was out of order. i learned that hand building is much slower than i thought! seemed like i used to be much more efficient. i am using some new molds: i blame them...HA!
the wheel is now back in working order. my hubby replaced the mother board (ugh, i hate that term, that same term has killed several of my computers!!!). i can't wait to get going!!!
 now, i am on my way back to beaufort. i intend to fire back to back glaze firings. i will also pack up the studio...its going to be really hard.  i loved the heck out of my little building. BUT i am so so sooooo happy to be moving into my new studio in asheville. 
thats all for now
as always, wishing you the best and thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

reinventing this wheel

it was very exciting to go to my new studio this week and start making pots. when i went to turn on my wheel, that little green light came on, no problem, but when i pressed the pedal, this old girl had no juice.  my hubby took her apart and tried to diagnose her ailments, to no avail. ahhh, time to call in a specialist. oscar the shimpo man was super helpful and her fixes are on the way! unfortunately they won't arrive until next week.... handbuilding for me it is!
also if you have noticed my blogging absence, its because my hubby and i are renovating our new-old home in asheville. i am keeping a blog of those adventures. check it out at:
as always, wishing you well and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

studio stroll this weekend!

come on out this weekend for the river arts district studio stroll. while you are out come on down to 97 roberts street and see where the new studio is!
unfortunately, my pots are still in beaufort, in various stages of bisque, glaze, fired-ness. i hope to have them up here by the end of next week.
while you are out stop by and see the my friends at the village potters and clayspace!
as always, thanks for reading! and wishing you well!

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