Monday, April 23, 2012

crazy. etsy. spring. love.

hello dear friends, i have missed you!
here's the brief over view of the recent happenings:
moving to a new (old) town is crazy. 
moving into a new(awesome) studio is hectic. 
moving into what i call a "well loved but disasterous and never ending" (aren't they all?) remodel is insane...
but miraculously, i have managed to keep my cool and am finally finding time to get all this craziness managed and focused. not a moment too soon - pshew!
i've got some new shows lined up for the coming season and hope to hear more good stuff soon. i will keep you updated on that as it happens.
i got the etsy page up and going again!

getting all this stuff listed on etsy is super time consuming. i hope to get everything posted over the next couple of weeks. so stay tuned for new and exciting things coming hot outta the kiln! (hopefully daily!)
hurray! here's a sneak peak:

thanks ya'll for being so loyal and checking in on me!
 ya'll make it all worth while!
see you soon and as always, i am wishing you the very best!
happy spring!

Monday, April 16, 2012

foundation clay

hey there! long time no see! i've been super busy with shows and the garden and our gigantic home renovation! in the mean time time i have finally started to get really familiar and excited about my new studio, foundation clay located in the river arts district of asheville. i am working with five other really really awesome potters. i feel pretty dang lucky to be a part of this crowd! the studio, as you know, just opened in the fall. we have started "nesting" in our new surroundings and even arranging ourselves a little gallery space! also, we have started a facebook page:

go check it out! and follow us as we grow! its pretty exciting!

Finding me:

asheville river arts district
95 roberts street
asheville, north carolina