Tuesday, October 04, 2011

a place to call home

yesterday i met with my new studio mates at my new studio! the studio is still nameless... (its tough to pick a name!) but it is located on roberts street in the river arts district (RAD) in asheville. the space? a giant open space, a newly "reclaimed space", in a building not yet on the RAD map. its kind of gritty, but good gritty.  honestly, its beautiful.

so, why am i so excited (other than the obvious...sweet studio, working with good peeps, in an awesome location). because this space is still an undiscovered building it is like treasure hunting. i think something really amazing is going to rise from this dirt. litterally and figuratively. its awesome to be a part of a grassroots phenomenon! if you've been tuned in for a long time, you know its been my dream to be a part of something like this. something fresh and new, a community pulling together to make something great. there will be six of us working together. we come from all kinds of different backgrounds, but everyone's energy is fantastic!
stay tuned as i am sure this adventure will prove to be as amazing as we all hope.
in this crazy time of change i want to say thanks for staying with me and reading my rambles...
as always, wishing you well

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asheville river arts district
95 roberts street
asheville, north carolina

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