Tuesday, August 31, 2010

earl is not my friend!


so if you took the time to look at the link you will notice three major hurricanes. the one hurricane in the middle is named earl.   projected to atleast "swoosh" by carteret county with some decent winds and a bit of rain, he is not my friend. for the last 24 hours and atleast the next 48 more, he is all i can think about. OH MY GYAH!!!!!!! panic. panic. okay, just kidding its not that bad. yet.
earl will be my first (official hurricane that is) and boy am i nervous!!! i have no idea what to expect (apparently neither do the weather forecasters. um, double yikes!). while none of the long term locals or oldtimers seem alarmed, i am a nervous wreck! luckily BFT is protected by barrier islands, which helps, i guess, or atleast i hope anyway.  my home is maybe half a mile from the ocean. so this is also good. my studio is several blocks closer, but is made of sturdy concrete block. i still am being careful. moving the kiln and maybe even boarding up the windows and doors. just to be on the safe side.
for now, keep your fingers crossed that earl stays at a safe distance! and i will make sure to keep yall posted.

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