Wednesday, April 07, 2010

waiting is the hardest part

moving along.
the latest update is as follows:
i am still working on my privilege license in order to become a legal business venture in the city of beaufort. the city has been greatly supportive! i am so thankful for that. recently, we went for the building inspection. with a few minor tweaks, we passed relatively easily.  we then had to pass the fire inspection. FAIL. but that is mostly because we have to have the kiln shed wired before we can pass the building inspection. duh, i guess i could've thought of that. also, we failed because of another minor detail we can hopefully bypass (fingers crossed).  this week a lot has happened. our dear friend dave came to finish the kiln shed he and nick started. all it needs is a door! we have electricians coming hopefully before the week is over. things are moving along.
in the meantime, here is what i am working on. these pots are all greenware meaning they have not been fired to make them solid and are still in a raw clay form. i was inspired when my momma inquired about some old pots i had "put on the back burner".  they are not on the back burner anymore! thanks, ma!
anyway, things are moving along. i'll keep ya posted.

thanks for reading!

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