Friday, April 30, 2010


yep! that IS my kiln in the kiln shed.
tuesday was a huge day for THR pottery! its been an uphill battle the last few weeks.the studio progress came to a screeching halt when some really weird bumps came up in the road. but patience and perserverence payed off tuesday. we finally passed the fire inspection!
when i started this whole process i remember  the town hall telling me this process would take awhile.  i would have to have a building inspection and a fire inspection in order to obtain a business license in BFT.  i had no idea what i was getting into!!!!  or what i needed to do. luckily, we passed the building inspection realtively easily, only having a few minor things to adjust.  we were then ready to move onto the fire inspection..... 
unfortunately, before we were able to move forward with the fire inspection, some issues came up with having a kiln in town. apparently, no one has had one in BFT, atleast not in a long time. folks around here had no idea what to make of my little  r2d2 (thats my kiln's name)!  my studio is in a residential area of BFT.  in order to address the possible concerns of neighbors or other people who may question an electric kiln, we worked with the city helping folks to understand the nature of r2d2. let me also take this oppurtunity to say, i am so excited, and thankful, for the support i have received from the city of BFT throughout this process!!!  anyway, once all of that was done we had to pass the fire inspection.  tuesday was the day! i was as nervous as i could be! but things went smoothly. what relief!
now i have shelves and shelves and shelves of pots waiting to be bisque fired and glazed.  i am so ready to get r2d2 workin!

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