Monday, May 23, 2011

montana blog love!

hey yall!

have i ever told you i love the word quirky? probably not, but i do.  i love it as a word, i love its definition and i love it as a description.  i remember the first time i heard the word quirky. i was in middle school, circa 1990, reading the now defunct magazine, "sassy".  a magazine that told me how i could die my hair with kool aid, informed me what doc martins were and what a rrriot girl was. it was so rad. i remember once they had a photo spread featuring "quirky" models. these women were not the barbie doll stick figures of seventeen magazine. they were something much more amazing: red headed, freckled, afro-ed, raven haired, noses too long, eyes too far apart etc.  they were young, fresh, original, normal, out of the ordinary, relate -able, extraordinary,

so, there is this fabulous all female blog compiled by four quirky writer-slash-artists out in missoula, montana that i like to keep up with:
 the fantastic spatula!
 its witty and well written. and for the art lover, its definitely inspiring. 
i love this blog!!! 

one of the writers of fantastic spatula is  my colleague. she is a fellow artist and a native carteret county-an... the gifted and talented shannon kemp!  you might recognize her name from when i did an art show here in beaufort with her and another colleague (christal weatherly) last july.
so, on saturday may 21st guess what nc artist the fantastic spatula featured?
yep. yours truly. go see for yourself!
anyhoo, tis the season to sleep in the studio! gotta go make pots!

thanks for reading!
and as always, wishing you well!

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