Sunday, October 31, 2010


the pottery will be closed from october 31st thru november 9th.

i've been away from the blog for bit. i apologize. it seems that as tourist season rolls away and the business is slowing down, the rest of life has picked up. sometimes nearly franticly. i am still working hard to create a glaze in the electric kiln that truly motivates me and inspires me. i'm getting closer. i am starting to find some combinations thats work...but alas i am not sure that the magic of fire will ever be truly replaced. sigh.

anyhoo.  i'm going home for a little while. i am so excited to catch up with old friends and spend some time with my family. also, i desperately need to hold some other peoples pots :).i need to see the pots of people who i look up to. gallery tour -  western nc!! i  cant wait for some inspiration.

so excited for hills and cool night time air. when i'm in the mountains i feel like i can get lost in the tucks and rolls of the hills and become one with nature. its an amazing feeling being closer to the sky and closer to the earth at the exact same time. kind of spiritual... (i m a nerd).

highway 209 near our farm in the mountains.
sunset in fines creek, nc

while i'm home i going to visit some fellow potters at a great show in dillsboro nc.  if you are around, check it out!

for now, thanks for reading and see you soon!

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