Saturday, July 24, 2010

Art Show

check out this weeks big adventure!  this is a link to one of two articles that came out in the local newspaper here in carteret county this past friday.

what is this you ask? let me expalin. this week i am gearing up for a show here at the Beaufort Art Center.  i am putting togther a collection of some of my most favoritist pots to make: big jars, teapots, bottles, bowls, platters and pitchers.  while running  a little low on my smaller items, it is so exciting to be back doing the things i love most. aka oversized pots (bowls, jars) and smaller things that are cool practices in design (teapots etc). i'm  firing the first bisque kiln today...fingers crossed for the week ahead!

Finding me:

asheville river arts district
95 roberts street
asheville, north carolina