Wednesday, May 05, 2010


so i am finally truly on my own here in BFT. finally! truly! its a beautiful thing....mostly.

 i have been mixing glazes the last two days. actually, not much mixing going on. you see, i am finally truly on my own! which also means...there is no one to call when i run out of glaze materials. nope, there is no one to run to with questions about glazes and recipes and substitutions. its intimidating sometimes. but, what i have done is educated myself, greatly. i have poured over my ceramics books for hours. i have scoured the internet for answers. and for the most part, i have answered all my own questions! i am one that learns best by doing. if i figure it out myself i will not forget. but i am also lazy. i do miss ambling into the next room to ask some glaze chemistry nerd what to do. instead, i am figuring it out on my own. its actually very gratifying! who knew?

oh dear god!!!! i am becoming a glaze nerd. and the best part is...I LOVE IT!

that my friends, is a liberating feeling.

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