Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gettin in the swing of things!

I returned from the world's fastest trip to Fines Creek last week with the rest of my studio...more or less.  After making a trip to Highwater (oh, highwater i will miss thee!) to stock up on supplies, I made the six hour drive back to the coast with over 2000 pounds of ceramic glaze material, clay and various studio equipments. Our poor suburban!!! 
Here in Beaufort, I have had my new studio for a month now.  Feeling mostly settled, I am making pots and excited to get my "groove" back.  I am waiting on the city to issue my privilage license and all will be officially official!  Its been so exciting.  The neighborhood has welcomed me. A steady stream of folks has dropped in to say "hi".  I have mets lots of people and am amazed by the support and positive responses I have received. 
Also, I hope to soon have my kiln hooked up.  I need to do something with all this greenware piling up on the shelves.  I am excited to move forward with my exploration into electric oxidation glaze firing!  My brain is overflowing with ideas! Now, if someone could tell me about an a washed wood glaze recipe for cone 6, i'll be good to go... hehe.

For now...cheers! If you are in the area drop in.

thanks for reading! trista

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